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Press Release Ministry of Religious Affairs Indonesia

Press Release Ministry of Religious Affairs Indonesia Hundreds of International Academicians Gather in Semarang, Redefine the Role of Religion in Facing the Global Crisis.

Indonesian academicians and a number of countries will meet in Semarang at the 23rd Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS). This annual event is being held by the Ministry’s Directorate General of Islamic Education and will take place at the State Islamic University (UIN) Walisongo, February 1–4, 2024.

Besides academicians, many religious figures from a number of countries were also present. They will discuss the various contemporary issues within the framework of the theme ‘Redefining the Roles of Religion in Addressing Human Crisis: Encountering Peace, Justice, and Human Rights Issues’.

In the initial stage, the committee selected 1,957 articles sent by prospective conference participants, until the 328 best papers were selected. The authors come from 10 countries, such as Afghanistan, Armenia, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. They are divided into three groups: Invited Papers (80), Open Panel (100), and Extended Panel (148).


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